Come home safe!

The "Safe 'n' Found" service notifies your emergency contacts if you’re not back when expected.

If something bad happens to you, it doesn’t matter if your phone is broken or you have no coverage - an emergency notification will always be reliably sent from our server, not your iPhone. The notification contains a link to a map showing your track and location, so your emergency contacts can easily find you. Your current location will keep updating on the map until you click "Stop".

Simply click “Start”, choose the time you expect to be back, then slip your iPhone into your pocket or bag and forget about it. Even if you are doing something else on your iPhone, “Safe ‘n’ Found” will continue to run in the background.

Your track and location is never seen by anyone unless you become overdue. Your emergency contacts will only be notified if you’re in trouble.

If you choose, the server will not send an emergency notification if you are still moving once you become overdue. By default, a notification will always be sent, but you can turn this off in the settings. If you are a cyclist, for example, moving might mean that you simply forgot to click “Stop”. Why worry your emergency contacts for no reason?

Safe ‘n’ Found sends the emergency notification from a secure central server. All other emergency apps in the App Store send their messages from the iPhone itself. But let’s face it, if you want to send a message from your iPhone, you don’t need an app you just use your phone! Other apps also have blinking lights or “loud” alarms, but these features are limited at best. Safe ‘n’ Found provides a valuable link between you and your loved ones that doesn’t rely on your phone working when you are desperate.

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Why not buy some peace-of-mind for the price of a coffee?

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A word about battery life

GPS can eat your battery, so Safe ‘n’ Found has a special “Battery Saver” mode turned on by default. In “Battery Saver” mode, your location is updated less often, but your battery life is 5 to 10 times better than “Accurate” mode. Your location is only sent to the server every 1 to 5 minutes in “Battery Saver” mode, but you can expect your battery to last all day.

If you need high accuracy for a shorter period of time, use “Accurate” mode. Your location will be sent to the server every 15 seconds, but as a rule-of-thumb your battery will be used up completely in only a couple of hours (tested on an iPhone 4S).

A few things might cause battery to be used faster:
  • Poor GPS reception (“Battery Saver” mode only)
  • Extreme heat or cold. Tip: If you are in a cold environment, try to keep your phone close to your body where it’s warm.
  • An old battery. Batteries get less efficient over time.